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About the Artist

Abstract Large Metal Sculptures fabricated with stainless steel, Cor-Ten steel, and bronze. My style is modern but simplistic. I was born in Italy and moved with my family to the USA when I was eighteen. I have learned welding through my job as a steel fabricator. I discovered an affinity toward the material I was working with, a deep sense of emotion. My technique is brute force, decided at moment. Each sculpture often consists of multiple pieces, in a range of different shapes. During fabrication new areas of interest arise and leads to the next body of work. The interesting shapes of metal, the patterns, texture, and grains all entice me. Sometimes I like the metal as it is, sometimes I love to play with patinas or color. If I decide to use the colors I use powder coating bc my sculptures can stay outdoors all year round without any problems. That is what my customers ask. My aspiration is to create sculptures that are completely unique. Lives and works in Henryville, PA.

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